What we do:

– Maintainance and repair of all currently or previously sold makes
(depending on parts availability, we do not use “jobber” parts in order to respect original designs)

– Tubes for all currently or previously sold makes. Certain tubes on special order.

– Cartridges for all types of turn-table and replacement needles for currently sold makes.
Revision and setting of all types of turn-tables.

– Speaker suspension and re-coning. Repair and optimization of tape decks and reel-to-reel units.
Cable preparation.


Our staff:

Thierry Hardy Simonelli, manager
Joseph Aklian, chief technician



Hourly rate $92

* Minimum $92 (+tx) rate and $225 for tube and tape units on all non-warranty repair, per unit. An equivalent of one hour of security deposit will be asked for every unit, applicable on final repair bill.

* Any repair estimated at $200 or less will be automatically performed.
An estimate will be given for approval on every repair exceeding that amount. This amount will be $300 for tube and tape units (no VCRs) and $500 for Krell and Mark-Levinson units. If an estimate is declined, minimum $92 charge will be applied, but will be considered as in-store credit for comparable unit value.

* Three months warranty is given on every specific repair.

* Mandatory proof of purchase for any repair under warranty.

* Repair will be performed or estimate will be given any time between one to six weeks from deposit date. This delay might get longer if special parts or specific information is needed.

* If a technician is needed on location, travel fee of $79 per run will be added.

* We won’t be held accountable for any unclaimed unit after 90 days from when work is done or estimate declined.

  • Maintenance and repairs on currently or previously sold brands.
    Maintenance and repairs on currently or previously sold brands.
  • Tubes, parts and accessories for currently or previously sold brands.
  • Platines vinyles (tourne-disques)
  • Haut-parleurs, câbles, appareils à cassettes et à bandes